Association-FLAG Program – Meeting of Support Structures for Entrepreneurship of Greater Tunis [TAMSS]


As part of the strategies of action of TAMSS consist in working for the global and sustainable development of Tunisia, through the complementarity of the economic, political and social factors, the program FLAG (Women, Leadership, Support and Management) contributes to structure , restructure and reinforce entrepreneurship skills for women in several regions of the country, particularly Kairouan, Mahdia, Gafsa and Greater Tunis.

FLAG is part of the “MOUSSAWAT” program funded by the European Commission in partnership with the Ministry of Women’s Family and Children. The project is set up by the TAMSS association in partnership with the associations: Tunisian Center for Social Entrepreneurship “TCSE”, Pontes Ricerche and Interventi, and Oxfam Italia for a period of 26 months.

In this context the FLAG program organized a meeting to support the entrepreneurial structures of Greater Tunis on 29 October 2018 at the National Center for Informatics for Children in Tunis. This training and information meeting was enhanced by the presence of representatives of public bodies such as the Ministry of Women’s Family and Childhood, the Ministry of Commerce, the National Employment Agency, Bank BFPME, the Women’s Commission of the Tunis City Hall, the representative of the “Moussawat” program, Ms. Héla Ourir and many representatives of civil society and business women.

This meeting was a privileged opportunity to highlight the general map of the investment environment given the specificity of gender. The discussions revolved around various issues including the need to unify communication strategies and organize awareness campaigns to support women entrepreneurs and strengthen their capacity to promote and develop their business.

On the other hand, it was an opportunity to highlight the specific actions of the FLAG program and its specific goals of supporting women entrepreneurs in the launch phase of projects, from idea to implementation. To benefit from this program it is imperative that the project is that of a woman and that it be of a singular nature, under a creative and sustainable idea. The program will have to select twenty-five candidates whose projects will benefit from start-up grants and training courses in Tunisia and abroad.

In this sense, Ms. Aziza Ben Saidane, an expert with TAMSS, led an interactive workshop with all the participants aimed at creating a link around the support and accompaniment of women entrepreneurs. This workshop allowed each of the participants to highlight the tools and actions specific to each organization as well as the services, skills and expertise that exist in public and associative structures for the development of female entrepreneurship at all levels, from the idea of ​​the project to its development, financing and implementation.

The participants then took part in a second interactive workshop which consisted of imagining the creation of an entrepreneurial project draft that takes into account the principles and values ​​conveyed by FLAG: Gender, Participation, Support, Data and Information Exchange, Effective communication

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