The FLAG project is funded by the European Commission in collaboration with the Ministry of Women, Family, and Children as part of the "MOUSSAWAT" Program. The TAMSS association is implementing the project in collaboration with the Tunisian Centre for Social Entrepreneurship "TCSE," Pontes Ricerche and Interventi, and Oxfam Italia. FLAG contributes to women's economic empowerment and equitable participation in Tunisia's economic growth.


The FLAG project's overall goal is to contribute to women's economic empowerment and equitable participation in Tunisia's economic growth. Its specific goal is to support the creation of an environment that encourages female entrepreneurship in traditional and innovative sectors, as well as the creation of jobs for women.

Our outcomes

  • The report Gender-based Mapping of the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Greater Tunis, Mahdia, Kairouan, and Gafsa has been completed.
  • 52 representatives from business development and entrepreneurship support centres, as well as 8 members from three centres, participated in a 28-day training to strengthen their capacities in terms of personal development and future entrepreneur support.
  • 11 staff members from four regions' entrepreneurship support centres (Kairouan, Gafsa, Tunis, and Mahdia) participated in a six-day exchange program in Italy, where they learned about the creation of incubators.
  • Three technical and thematic groups are formed and strengthened, and an ethical charter has been adopted.
  • The report Gender Analysis on Entrepreneurship has been completed
  • The report Gender-based Assessment of the Services Delivered by the Entrepreneurship Support Structures has been completed.
  • 70 women-led businesses have been created and 30 expanded.
  • The guide: How to Support the Creation, Modernization, and Strengthening of Women's Craft Businesses, and the Marketing of Their Products has been elaborated


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